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All our pilots are licensed in Europe and highly trained with thousands hours of experience.

Captain Hamid SBAA
My job is to make you happy!

Chief pilot and first ever Moroccan balloon pilot.
He has flown balloons in: Morocco with Marrakech By Air since 2007, Belgium, France, Czech Republic & United Kingdom. Captain Hamid TripAdvisor
Ex. Royal Air Maroc 2000-2005.
Languages: Arabic, Berber, English, French, Dutch & Spanish.

Captain Wafia QARMOUDI
A picture is worth a thousand words

Commercial Balloon Pilot and Private Pilot for: Cessna 152 - Beechcraft Bonanza A36. Captain Wafia TripAdvisor
She has flown balloons in: France, Belgium and Morocco.
She is the Co-Founder of Marrakech By Air since 2007.
Languages: Dutch, English, Arabic & French.

Captain Mariya SADKOVSKAYA
The sky is no longer the limit

Commercial Pilot Hot Air/Gas Balloon & Champion of Russia in 2011 and 2013.
The 7th place in the World Women Championship 2014.
чемпионат мира по воздушному шару в мире
She has flown balloons in: Russia, Lithuania, Latvia, Poland, France, United States of America & Mexico.
Languages: Russian & English.

Captain Hervé MOINE
Experience is the best teacher

Commercial Pilot and Instructor Hot Air/Gas Balloon and Thermal Airship.
He has flown balloons in: All Europe, Russia, Lithuania, Latvia, Poland, Thailand, Philippines, United states of America, Tunisia & Benin.
Is representing the French team every year in the Gordon Bennett Championship since 2013 :
Languages: French & English.